Trans friends, here’s a periodic reminder that it might be useful to update your documents (name, gender marker, id). I’ve recently done this. Here’s the quickest and cheapest path for US citizens:

1 Update your passport gender marker. For this you need proof of citizenship (like a birth certificate), a letter from your doctor, and a new passport photo. Use the template in the link below. The cost is $110 and this can be done in one or two days. info here 2 Update your name in court. This process differs state by state. Roughly, you’ll schedule a hearing, gather documents including a birth certificate, publish an announcement in the paper (trans folks are generally able to waive the publication requirement in NY), then get certified copies of the court order NYC, NY, NJ 3 Update your passport name. Do this within a year of step one and it’s free and only requires the court order (form here). 4 Everything else (except sometimes a birth certificate) can be done with an updated passport and possibly some additional documentation.

If you need help, I’d love to or help find someone who can. If money is a problem, Trans Assistance Project, TLDEF, SRLP, and other places have provided that in the past. Let me know if you have any trouble.