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Sophie Searcy

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Sophie is a Data Scientist, Manager, and Educator. She’s serious about making tech better through applied ethics and mentorship. She’ll bring the classic papers to the journal reading group. Python (expert), Javascript (fluent), R (fluent), SQL (fluent) .



Executive Director of DS, Principal Data Scientist
New York, NY

Data Science education company whose main product is a 12 week bootcamp that covers the breadth of the field of Data Science. Current role (>2 years) is primarily EM & PM.

Product: Oversees the design and development of all new products. Leads cross-functional product teams of >15 individuals. Current product portfolio represents 25% of 2021 revenue and accounts for 100% of growth opportunities.
Management: Directly manages team 6 Data Scientists. Introduced industry best practices including company-wide Eng and DS prioritization flow, code reviews, and continuous integration. Oversaw increase in internal collaboration: YOY 7x commits and 20x issues/pull requests. Managed codebase, resolving disputes between ICs.
Instruction: Taught and mentored 100s of students entering data science. Authored dozens of lessons including: SVMs, Data Science Ethics, Deep Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks.


CTO, Cofounder
New York, NY

Wearables start-up building fabrics that pair electrical stimulation to apps. Fundraising: \$20k convertible note (\$1.5M cap, 20% discount). Competitions: The Bridge (Coca Cola’s Accelerator) finalist (ranked 22/200). AlphaLab Gear National Hardware Cup semi-finalist. Vogt Awards finalist (\$25k non-dilutive funding). XlerateHealth finalist. Bucks for Bright Ideas winner.

Proof of concept: Designed and built hardware and software proof of concept. Validated underlying technology, collected data on 100+ customer experiences in target audience and demonstrated product-market fit.
Scalable design: Led engineering teams managing user data and designing a product for 10k/yr volume: the entirely in-house product stack included electronics hardware, firmware, and desktop app.
Human resources: Managed HR. Designed collaborative, version controlled, company Handbook.

Cognitive and Data Science Lab

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate
Newark, NJ

Project manager: Managed a data science team developing FOSS tools for replicable cross-platform video data processing at “Big Data” scale.
Web experiments: Designed full-stack web apps for large (n~1,000) behavioral experiments and administered experiments through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Mentored data scientists in full-stack design.
Interdisciplinary research: Lead author of interdisciplinary work on the foundations of learning and computational tractability of learning algorithms. Presented work in journals and conferences.

Talks and Publications

Searcy (2019) AI is Broken

Searcy (2019) Building Generative Adversarial Networks in Tensorflow and Keras

Searcy and Blinder (2018) Making Faces: Conditional generation of faces using GANs via Keras+Tensorflow

Searcy, W.K. Vong, Lane & Shafto (In prep) Cause and affect: Subjectively rational causal inference about affective content.

Searcy (In prep) Levels of expressivity: Learning across incompatible representational levels

Searcy & Shafto (2016) Cooperative Inference: Features, objects, and collections. Psychological Review.

Searcy & Shafto (2014) Learning biases for teaching boolean concepts.



University of Louisville | Experimental Psychology: Computational Cognitive Science


University of Louisville | Electrical and Computer Engineering
University Fellowship Award (2 years Full tuition plus stipend), National Merit Scholarship (5 years full tuition plus stipend)