Seattle, WA

Sophie Searcy

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Sophie is a Data Science unicorn with hardcore coding skills. She’s serious about making Data Science and AI better through applied ethics and mentorship. She’ll bring the classic papers to the journal reading group. Python (expert), Javascript (fluent), R (fluent), SQL (fluent) .



Executive Director of Product, Senior Data Scientist
New York, NY

Data Science education company that provides corporate training and immersive Data Science bootcamp.

Led product across multiple business lines including immersive bootcamp, new online products, and corporate training.
Managed company codebase and led curriculum development across a wide breadth of content.
Acted as an instructor and mentor for 100s of students.


CTO, Cofounder
New York, NY

Wearables start-up building fabrics that pair electrical stimulation to apps.

Oversaw planning, design, and execution of tech stack that tied in-house hardware design with adaptive software.
Managed HR for early stage startup, designed collaborative HR policy.

Cognitive and Data Science Lab

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate
Newark, NJ

Talks and Publications

Searcy (2019) AI is Broken

Searcy (2019) Building Generative Adversarial Networks in Tensorflow and Keras

Searcy and Blinder (2018) Making Faces: Conditional generation of faces using GANs via Keras+Tensorflow

Searcy, W.K. Vong, Lane & Shafto (In prep) Cause and affect: Subjectively rational causal inference about affective content.

Searcy (In prep) Levels of expressivity: Learning across incompatible representational levels

Searcy & Shafto (2016) Cooperative Inference: Features, objects, and collections. Psychological Review.

Searcy & Shafto (2014) Learning biases for teaching boolean concepts.



University of Louisville | Experimental Psychology: Computational Cognitive Science


University of Louisville | Electrical and Computer Engineering
University Fellowship Award (2 years Full tuition plus stipend), National Merit Scholarship (5 years full tuition plus stipend)