Exercise 1

LO: Be able to print output

Run the cell below to print your very first python output!

We can also assign our message to a variable named 'message' and print that!

Congratulations! You've just printed your first output in Python. Now, it may be a bit of an assumption to assume there is only one world out there.

Below, change the message to 'Hello Worlds?' and print it.

Exercise 2

Comments are a helpful way to explain your code to others and your future self. Take a look at the examples below. Run the cells.

Note that output is not generated for these lines.

Modify the comments in the function below to make them more helpful. If you're not sure, don't worry, we'll learn more about what's happening in this function later.

You will learn functions later, but notice that our docstring gets saved when we define a function. We can access this later.